Friday, May 10, 2013


Lately, I have been craving the  color combination: blue and white. Blue has always been my #1 to-go color in my wardrobe, while the on-trend summer color, white, is starting to grow on me. Thus, I've been gravitating towards the oh-so popular dish design, Blue Danube
Blue Danube
This popular design has always been a classic favorite at many Chinese restaurant. I think I might own a few of these style of dishes. This got me thinking, 'I want a shirt with this type of print.' As I was browsing the some of my favorite stores, I found some similar designs.
Porcelain Style Dress - White, Blue, Print, Tiered, A-line, Sleeveless, Scoop, Daytime Party, Spring, Short
Scarf Print Georgette top - White, Blue, Print, Scoop, Daytime Party, Spring, Short
Forever 21- Sold Out

diy floral jeans-white jeans with blue floral pattern Maegan
I also found a blogger named Maegan who does a great DIY floral printed jeans of this type of style and print. I should try this DIY too!!! Have a great weekend!!!!

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